Endurance Civic: Installing the Subframe

Installing the subframe proved more difficult than removing it.  The first step was bolting in the steering rack.  That was made difficult by damaged threads in the subframe.  Using a tap we cleaned them out.

Next we had to get it into the car.  First you should install the rear engine mount.  More on that later as we didn’t do that first.  Everything in the suspension in held in tension so installing the stubframe is a difficult processes of doing everything in the right order and the correct application of a hammer and pry bar.  Next you have to get the steering rack hooked up to the column.  This should probably be the second step after doing the engine mount but we did it after the subframe was bolted into the suspension.  If you do it the hard way like us you have to unbolt the column from the dash to get enough play to get the joints to go together.  After we did that we discovered that we’d need to install the rear engine mount.  After removing the heater core valve and fuel filter and using the 1/4″ socket with a flex joint we were finally able to attach the rear engine mount.  I wonder now if the right way to do this is to bolt everything to the subframe (engine included) and then jack that up and into the car.  That might be the way this is all assembled in the factory.

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