Collect good Black Swans

I’m in the middle of listening to the book The Black Swan on Audible and it had changed my perspective greatly on several things.  One is the probability of events outside normal is larger than commonly believed and is unknowable.  These black sawn events can be good and tend to affect scalable activities.  In order to collect these we need to be doing things that are scalable.  Writing is a good example because you only write once regardless of how many people read what you write.  It is no more effort for me if no one reads this or if millions read this.  As a result I’m trying to do more scalable things in order to position myself to have the opportunity of collecting black swans of sort.  This means that I have to daily accept that every time I do something it could be a complete failure.  There are no guarantees things that are scalable will every pay off.  However if they do, the amount they will pay off will dwarf and greatly affect the average, meaning that it can be orders of magnitude in goodness.  If none of this made sense you need to go read the book and learn about now not all uncertainty is created equal and how that can affect your decision making.  Of all the books I’ve listened to in the last couple years only two books have I listened to twice and I’m probably going to listen to this one a third time and buy the book to read in print because I want the concepts in this book to really sink in.

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