Run from your problems

This may sound crazy but running may be good for you in more ways than physical. Here is some evidence:

  • Running makes you high. And specifically long distance running has been shown to result in mood altering drug like affects.
  • Running makes you healthier. Specifically 40% lower risk of heart disease high blood pressure, 20% lower risk of osteoarthritis and hip replacement, and 35% percent reduced risk of developing cataracts and a 40% to 50% reduced risk for macular degeneration. Fear isn’t the greatest of motivators, but I’m not one who wants any of these problems.
  • Running improves your social standing and has odd health benefits. Studies shows running improves your sex drive, improves your memory and ability to learn, makes you less likely to develop cancer, and you are able to hear better. The idea presented here is that we come from hunter/gatherers and those who run more were better hunters and would be better people to have children with, would learn more quickly to catch pray, and could hear better because of the increased running for hunting.
  • Running slows the aging process. Contrary to popular belief, exercise for older people is not harmful to their mobility but actually benefits them in many ways. This study shows that if you are concerned about the affects of getting older, maybe the affects you are feeling are the affects of sitting on your couch.

You probably didn’t want to hear that the way to help yourself was to do something hard. However, it is often the hard things that have so many good benefits. Now if only I could take my own advice and run more.

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