How did we unlearn learning?

It is often repeated that children learn more quickly than adults.  Is this because they are inherently more able to store information or is it because we have unlearned how to learn?  Children and adults approach learning in different ways.  Children give the subject of their learning intense focus and experiment and play with whatever they are trying to learn.  As adults we believe that learning is something you do by being taught by others, sitting in lectures, reading books, and generally through osmosis by being close to sources of knowledge.  I have found that the quickest way for me to learn something is by doing, playing, and experimenting with what I am trying to learn.  I propose that adults can learn quickly, we have just unlearned how through being beaten over the head by the traditional learning institutions.  Next time you try to learn something new, only read enough to start experimenting and playing.  Then go back to the book or internet when you have questions.

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