Get your technician class HAM radio license the easy way

A technician class amature radio license is the first step to using ham radio. The quickest way I found to learn the topics needed to pass was to use the website. You simply spend a few minutes each day, and a bit of time right before you go take the test, going through flash cards on this website. These are the exact questions that will be on the test and just learning the answers to these questions will teach you most of what you need to know. There will be a few with terms that are confusing and for that I would recommend you look up those questions in the ham radio book (all questions have a reference to where it is explained in the book). Learning with the flashcards and only looking up the confusing questions is an excellent way to learn because just reading the book alone you will easily miss much of the fine detail you need to know for the test. By first seeing the question you will know what exact information you are looking for when you look at the book. Using this technique I spent 15 min a day for a week doing the flashcards and was able to get through the whole question pool. Then before I went to take the test I spent another hour doing more flashcards. This allowed me to learn the material quickly and pass the test easily. To find a location near you where you can take the test go to: ARRL: Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area. After you take the test you the FCC will post your callsign online, mine is KE0LVX.

If you are into stage rally you should get your HAM radio license because that is how safety and control workers communicate. Having your license will allow you help out and volunteer for events in an official capacity. Also, if you work on a team it will help you know what is going on by listening to the different radio networks.

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