Endurance Honda: Race cars take as much time as you have

Over the last few months we’ve relearned the old adage, building a racecar takes exactly as much time as you have.  The car did it’s best to not run after we installed the engine.  Here are the list of things we did to try to get it to run well but did not fix it: injectors, injector wiring, fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, fuel filter, disconnect and blow out all fuel lines, fuel pump relay, fuel pump wiring, coil, plugs, temp sensor wiring, cam position sensor wiring, ecu, throttle body, air temp sensor.  After all that it still wouldn’t run.  Out of ideas we just started disconnecting random things to see if we could get it to change how it ran.  This was done on Saturdays and Tuesdays over the course of a month.  In the end disconnecting and cleaning out the idle air control valve seemed to fix it.

Now that it is running (and next weekend is my driving school to earn my wheel to wheel license) we are down to finishing up things on a list taped to the window.  Last Saturday we installed the exhaust and welded in seat rails to mount the seats.  On Tuesday we will install a fire extinguisher, bleed the coolant, and test drive it around the parking lot and put it on the trailer.  I’m not sure why, but race cars always take as much time as you have.  Nature abhors a vacuum.

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