Endurance Civic: Replacing the Subframe

Since we had the motor out we looked carefully at the subframe and realized why we were not able to get a good alignment on the front right wheel.  At some point the car was crashed hard enough to crack up the subframe and it had plates welded on it to repair it.  Ryan went to the local junk yard and pulled one impressing those around him with his skill.  The steering rack is contained within the subframe and to remove it you have to disconnect it from the column.  At the junk yard ryan used the weight of the motor to disconnect it and then separate the steering rack from the subframe.  To do this last part is made difficult because the rack has to be partially dissembled to remove it from the subframe.  After getting it back to the shop we cleaned it up and removed the broken one from the shop.  Next time we will put it back in the car.


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