Endurance Civic: Buying a replacement motor

In the hunt for a replacement motor I learned about old Honda motors.  The wikipedia page on Honda D series engines is where I started.  Keeping in mind that we want this to be both low cost and durable to compete in an 24 hour race we set out to find a motor.  The motor that was in the car was a DOHC CZ 1.6L motor which came in JDM Civics and CRXs.  This motor provides a small power bump of 10hp over the equivalent motor sold in the US, the D16A6.  The first place I looked was on car-part.com and craigslist and what I found is that there weren’t many motors locally we could get and they were all very high mileage.  This means that we would probably have to rebuild the block and break in the motor.  Wanting something quicker we asked friends who race old Hondas and were told to contact hmotorsonline.  Looking at their website we found a direct replacement with low miles (~55k miles).  Here is the link for the motor we ordered: https://www.hmotorsonline.com/shop/d-series/zc-88-92-civic-dohc-long-block/.  After shipping (including delivery on a truck with lift gate) the cost of the motor was $1235.  We hope to get the motor in the car in the next couple weeks.

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